Nice to meet you

I’m Sara

Born as a linguistic student, I decided to follow my path in communication design at Politecnico di Milano with a bachelor and a master degree.

Creative and dynamic Communication Design graduate with consolidated expertise in user experience design, data visualisation and iterative design gained through a strong digital marketing and branding background. I have experience in the analysis and research of user behaviour to support the execution of design campaigns for start up businesses on a remote and employed basis.

Currently in Galway, Ireland.


Starting with a focus on languages and different cultures in high school, I entered the design field in the Politecnico di Milano, finding multiple interests. While my academic path ended with a Master Degree, I like to keep on learning using courses or books.
Bachelor Degree

Design communication at Politecnico di Milano.

During my Bachelor Degree I did six months of Erasmus at the Plymouth University in Graphic Communication.

Core Modules: Editorial Design | Branding | Video Design | Graphic Design | Event Organisation. I graduated with an editorial thesis with Mario Piazza.

Master Degree

Design communication at Politecnico di Milano.

Focus on User Experience and Data Visualization. I graduated with Maresa Bertolo as the professor with a thesis on Game Design applied to Psychology. My thesis explores on the possibilities of games as a possible path for designing solutions for social problems in collaboration with the Psychology Department at Bicocca University and Imagis Lab (Focus on User Experience and Data Visualisation).

I finished my academic studies graduating with 110/110 cum laude (here to see my thesis on the Politecnico website).


Sara Pizzetti – Freelance

2018 – currently | Digital marketing Specialist and Communication Designer

Freelancer mainly on a remote working basis with responsibility for developing and introducing strategic marketing campaigns and social networking activities.
Utilise innovation, market trends, social media and digital marketing expertise to create compelling and engaging content.

2015 – currently | Digital marketing executive

Accountable for overseeing and coordinating digital marketing functions for this food network including user support, user experience, social networking and troubleshooting throughout the full lifecycle of events, contests and activities. Oversee and manage digital marketing activities with a focus on increasing the community size and promoting the brand.

2017 (updated in 2018) | Branding and web design

Tasked with the strategic rebranding of the Bergamo (IT) brand which encompassed creating a brand new website to enhance user experience, maximise customer engagement and raise the brand profile.

2016 | Social media manager for art event

Primarily accountable for designing, developing and managing the social media network and strategy from scratch for a short-term art event being held in Modena with the aim of maximising awareness and customer engagement.
Worked in collaboration with the local community, artists and Officinadanova to successfully execute campaigns resulting in a significant increase in customer engagement across multiple channels.

2016 | Crowdfunding campaign manager

Played a key role in planning, developing and executing an Indiegogo campaign with accountability for designing the websites landing and campaign pages whilst also contributing to decision making processes.
Regularly reviewed and managed the campaign newsletter whilst additionally providing comprehensive user support.
Successfully executed and delivered the crowd funding campaign resulting in it being recognised as the 2nd most funded campaign within the theme and in the top 10 of all campaigns across all categories in Italy. Link to Indiegogo campaign.

2015 – 2016 | Social Media Manager

Appointed on a remote working basis with accountability for overseeing and coordinating the company’s social media strategy for the ‘Feel your Look’ ecommerce site in collaboration with Officinadanova.
Tasked with delivering compelling content to increase organic growth of site visitors and customer engagement.
Defined and introduced strategies to increase engagement with offline customers via online streams.

2015 – 2016 | Social Media Manager for crowdfunding

Management of the social media profiles for the crowdfunding campaign POW – Pet On Wheels. Link to Kickstarter campaign.

2015 – 2016 | Internship

Social media and digital marketing.


2014 – 2015 | Volunteering

Cat and dog shelter vounteer.