L’AIDS non esiste

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L'AIDS Non Esiste
A video conference about the actual state of the disease today
The project for the Art Direction & Copywriting course asked us to take a whole conference about the AIDS topic and to create two audiovisual artifacts: a full take of the conference and a shorter, teaser version of it.
The complete video of the conference has been divided in sections and edited to emphasize the most important moments, making the speech compact and fluid.
Motion graphic and titles: squares with different colors that flow above themselves and shows information about the conference.
The shorter video edited to have a first part relating to the topic ironically, displaying speeches to match the title of the conference, in the last part, we have added the most important words of Agnoletto, said to debunk the facts previously told and explain the real purpose of the entire conference.
Politecnico di Milano
Master Degree in Communication Design
Course: Art Direction & Copywriting
Spring 2014
Professor: Luigi Marcello Cicognani
Teaching Assistant: Chiara Attieri
Project Team:
Guglielmo Civaldi, Carlotta Schoen, Chiara Simoncelli, Iolanda Piccinini, Sara Pizzetti, Andrea Pracchi, Andrea Villa