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Helpilepsy is a service for people suffering from epilepsy,
which helps optimising first aidthe intervention during seizures
and collecting useful and more accurate medical data for exams.
The first step for developing the service was the research of the main users' needs, found using questionnaires and face to face interviews. We did not ask only to people suffering from epilepsy,
but also to relatives or friends, doctors, and people working on ambulances to understand all the problems.

This service addresses the everyday life, providing the help not only during seizures,
but also considering the state of anxiety that this condition causes.

The system include a wereable technology, and application and a website.
The wereable device is worn by the person affected by epilepsy, it sends a sound alarm and starts
the application on the smartphone. The website provides a diary that organize the data collected
and allows the user to add information and print it for medical exams.

Politecnico di Milano
Master degree in Communication Design
Laboratorio di sistemi per l'interazione
A.a. 2012/2013
Fabio Sergio, Alessandro Campi
Work made in group:
Sara Pizzetti, Chiara Scalvi, Chiara Simoncelli and Xiaoxiao Yin