Pet Overpopulation

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Work done for a workshop on guerrilla marketing with Carl DiSalvo - "Data and Democracy". The aim was to ideate and test an activity to raise awareness on a topic and record the result in three days. 
The chosen topic is the stray pets and the need to sterilize them to curb the problem. After researching the data we designed an event aimed to the students of Politecnico di Milano during their lunch.
The students are asked to "adopt" a cat and a dog and choose to sterilize it or not. Depending on the answer we add one card (yes to sterilize) or six (no to sterilize). This reflects the data about sterilization and strays that can be read on the poster. While we explain the situation we start crossing with a red X the cats or dogs that statistically die on the street, to show the impact. 

We leave two cards to each person: one with a condensed version of the data on the poster, and one with the pro and cons of sterilization on the animal. The cards were left the whole day on the wall, attracting the attention of the people passing by even after the end.

At the end of the workshop we had a toolkit that could be used by shelters and veterinarians withtools and data about the questions and how to replicate the event.
Politecnico di Milano
Master Degree in Communication Design

Project made by Leda Palermo, Iolanda Piccinini, Sara Pizzetti, Andrea Pracchi, Alessandro Tosi