Under Pressure

Game Design/Digital Marketing
A game design approach to the topic of group influence. This is the project for my thesis on psychology applied to game design for persuasive games.

Sex (Un)Education

Information Design/Digital Marketing
An insight report about the sex education methods, focused on the abstinence-only one, in the United States of America.


Branding/User Experience
Helpilepsy is a service for people suffering from epilepsy, which helps optimising first aid, the intervention during seizures and collecting useful and more accurate medical data for exams.

Pet Overpopulation

Information Design/Digital Marketing
Event for raising awareness on the topic of sterilization and stray animals. Workshop on guerrilla marketing with Carl DiSalvo - "Data and Democracy".

Coltivando [in] Bovisa

Digital Marketing/Branding
Communication strategy and design of a 30'' commercial to promote a community garden based in Bovisa, suburban area of Milan

Time Survivor

Game Design/Digital Marketing
Time Survivor is a card game where the goal is to be the last one standing, earning the time of play directly or by stealing it from your opponents.

L’AIDS non esiste

Information Design/Digital Marketing
The project for the Art Direction and Copywriting course asked us to take a whole conference about the AIDS topic and to create two audiovisual artefacts: a full take of the conference and a shorter, teaser version of it.