Branding/User Experience
Re-branding with a new logo, online reputation, newsletter creation and website design for the Italian foundry Artleva sas

Under Pressure

Game Design
A game design approach to the topic of group influence. This is the project for my thesis on psychology applied to game design for persuasive games.

Sex (Un)Education

Information Design
An insight report about the sex education methods, focused on the abstinence-only one, in the United States of America.


Branding/User Experience
Helpilepsy is a service for people suffering from epilepsy, which helps optimising first aid, the intervention during seizures and collecting useful and more accurate medical data for exams.

Pet Overpopulation

Information Design/Digital Marketing
Event for raising awareness on the topic of sterilization and stray animals. Workshop on guerrilla marketing with Carl DiSalvo - "Data and Democracy".

Coltivando [in] Bovisa

Digital Marketing/Branding
Communication strategy and design of a 30'' commercial to promote a community garden based in Bovisa, suburban area of Milan

Time Survivor

Game Design
Time Survivor is a card game where the goal is to be the last one standing, earning the time of play directly or by stealing it from your opponents.

L’AIDS non esiste

Information Design/Digital Marketing
The project for the Art Direction and Copywriting course asked us to take a whole conference about the AIDS topic and to create two audiovisual artefacts: a full take of the conference and a shorter, teaser version of it.