artleva logo

Artleva sas is a small foundry that decided to change their branding and strategy for the 40th year from the founding. The online presence was focused only on the website, which had an old style to it and it was used mainly for the contact page to get the mobile number.

I was approached for the logo and a social media presence, but after analysis and consulting with the owner, the focus became the website, the online presence (for example Google My Business) and the newsletter instead of the social media. We devised a strategy to get more leads, both organic and using ads when needed, that allows for sustainable growth considering the resources of the company. The newsletter is dedicated to existing customers but it’s paired with an email strategy to qualify the leads.

Before the strategy, they reached 1 non-qualified lead in 3 years. With the new strategy, they received 5 qualified leads that resulted in 2 new clients in 1 year. The project was updated in 2019 following a change in the legal structure that paused the strategy for 1 year, but the new clients expanded their requests and the traffic on the website improved of the 98% despite the year of pause.

Old brand:

old logo artleva