Fuudly is a social network dedicated to food, with a lively community of food bloggers, chefs and food lovers.

The management of the brand’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Fuudly) and support to the activities on the platform are my main responsibility in the team. I am accountable for overseeing and coordinating digital marketing functions for this food network including user support, user experience, social networking, and troubleshooting throughout the full lifecycle of events, contests, and activities.

I oversee and manage digital marketing activities with a focus on increasing the community size and promoting the brand. I introduced the contest format that allowed to collaborate with numerous brands in the years and create high-quality UGC both for the brand and for the partners.

After several successful campaigns, Fuudly now has a portfolio of brand collaborations of various sizes and content, from the mentioned contest to offline events, product placement and co-branding.

Example of newsletter

Example of event in collaboration with brand and influencers